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KROM K-Wheel Multiplatform (Steering&Pedals)

27.900 K.D. 27.900 K.D. 27.900000000000002 KWD

27.900 K.D.

KROM K-Wheel Multiplatform (Steering&Pedals)


27.900 K.D. 27.900 K.D. 27.900000000000002 KWD

27.900 K.D.

    This combination does not exist.

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    The Krom K-Wheel is a racing wheel and pedals set optimized for all types of racing game, that has come to Krom to offer you maximum safety and control even in the most extreme maneuvers. Experience the adrenaline of racing drivers from your screen thanks to this complete driving setup.

    • Racing wheel and pedals set
    • Gearstick and paddles on the wheel
    • Synthetic fabric finish for grip
    • Effects of vibration in the steering wheel
    • Compatible with PC, PS3, PS4 and XBOX ONE
    • Buttons: 8 analog & 4 digital





    Take The Road

    The steering wheel, 33 cm in diameter, is inspired by motorsports so it guarantees excellent comfort during long games thanks to its ergonomic design.

    It has an angle rotation of 180º that will allow you to make incredible turns and experience a true driving sensation in an enjoyable way, thanks to its synthetic fabric finish that offers you a better grip, as well as vibration effects that bring a touch of realism to your experience on the asphalt.

    Prepared For The Competition

    The Krom K-Wheel includes a system of sequential gears through its gearstick and paddles located on the steering wheel itself, which gives you greater agility in the turns and an immediacy in gear changes without at any time having to take your hands off the wheel.

    It features 12 buttons (8 analog and 4 digital) with which you can select different options, including the X-Input and D-Input modes.

    In addition, the K-Wheel includes acceleration and brake pedals with an angle and trajectory inspired by automobile industry standards so that your driving experience makes you feel like you're on the same circuit.


    Plug In And Drive Confidently.

    The K-Wheel has a resistant structure and central support system with 7 powerful suction cups that offer optimal stability on desks and all types of tables, so you only need to plug your K-Wheel into your PC, PS3, PS4 or XBOX One and enjoy driving without limits. Feel the feedback and keep on track.




  • Manual gear: Gear stick and wheel paddles
  • Buttons: 8 analog & 4 digital buttons
  • PC Input: X-Input & D-Input
  • Turning degrees: 180º
  • Pedals: spring loaded
  • Fixing system: suction cups
  • Wheel grip: synthetic leather
  • Effects of vibration in the steering wheel
  • Working power: 5V / ≤20 mA
  • Connection: USB
    Cable lenght: 2.4 m
    Dimensions: 330 x 350 x 330 mm

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