PS4 3D Rudder Foot Motion Controller

PS4 3D Rudder Foot Motion Controller

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  • MOVE WITH YOUR FEET. FREE YOUR HANDS TO ACT. WIN! with the revolutionary 3dRudder foot-powered VR motion controller, used while seated. Surprisingly intuitive and precise, anyone can use it in a matter of a few seconds.
  • FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH THE OCULUS RIFT AND THE HTC VIVE STANDARD. The 3dRudder is compatible with most existing and new VR games for PC, even offering preset game configurations. Coming soon on HTC Vive Pro & Pimax. NOT FOR THE PS4 PSVR headset.
  • FINALLY EXPERIENCE FREE AND NATURAL VR LOCOMOTION. Forget teleportation, forget room-scale, stop juggling between moving and acting with the sticks of your hand controllers.
  • CAN BE USED WITH STANDARD PC GAMES AND APPLICATIONS as a partial keyboard (ex. to replace the WASD keys), a foot joystick or a foot Hotas, in combination with your existing keyboard, joystick or Hotas.
  • ALSO A GREAT ACCESSIBILITY DEVICE (FOOT MOUSE, FOOT KEYBOARD...) for people with hand disabilities. The 3dRudder is natively supported by the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

The 3dRudder is a foot powered motion controller for VR and PC, used while seated


  • The 3dRudder lets you move in your favorite VR games with your feet, while seated. Visit our website for more information.
  • Depending on the game you want to play or the application you want to use, your PC will see alternatively the 3dRudder as a VR motion controller, a keyboard, a joystick, an Hotas, or a mouse.
  • Discover a new gaming experience. Surprisingly intuitive and natural, it only takes a few seconds to master the 3dRudder. Your hands are now free to shoot, grab, pull, push… with your regular keyboard or controller. You’re more immersed, more engaged. Have the edge. Do more. Win!
  • The 3dRudder is also a great accessibility device for people with hand disabilities.


Compatibility & Specs:


  • Computer: PC with Windows 8 or 10
  • Games: any PC game, Steam VR games, Oculus store games
  • VR headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift. (coming soon: HTC Vive Pro, Pimax)
  • Console: Xbox One (only with the Xbox Adaptive Controller)
  • Power / data: USB (cable length: 118in.)
  • Dimensions: 13.39in x 2.84in (34cm x 7.25cm) / Weight: 3.97lb (1.8kg)


Modes available on PC's:


  • VR: map your hand controllers to allocate motion to your feet and free up your hands for more action.
  • Use preconfigured settings for over 50 games,
  • Benefit from games that natively integrated the 3dRudder (Dead Effect 2, Vox Machinae…)
  • Keyboard: map up to 8 keyboard keys (ex. WASD), including shortcuts,
  • Joystick/HOTAS: turn your 3dRudder into a 3- or 4-axes joystick or Hotas,
  • Mouse: enjoy the same functionalities as provided by a hand mouse (scroll, click, double click...).
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