Glorious Keyboard Wrist Pad TKL (Black)

Glorious Keyboard Wrist Pad TKL (Black)

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Glorious Wrist Pad TKL (Black)


The best ergonomic wrist rest to pair up with your gaming mechanical keyboard.

The Glorious Wrist Rest features a foam core interior, wrapped in a smooth cloth surface, and reinforced with dual-locked stitched edges, which provide a comfortable typing and gaming experience with your mechanical keyboard. Our unique surface allows you to comfortably glide your hands across the surface, preventing any sort of irritation to the skin. The foam interior provides a soft yet supportive base keeping your wrists in the most ergonomic position at all times. On the bottom of the wrist pad is a layer heavy duty non slip rubber base, which prevents the wrist rest from moving when in use. 

Comes in 3 sizes: Compact(60%/75%), Tenkeyless (87%), Full-Size (100%)

Also comes in 2 thicknesses: 13mm and 25mm

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Product Name Glorious Keyboard Wrist Pad TKL (Black)
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